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Build your Creator Store using the Link in Bio. Generate QR Codes. Cut down your long links using Link Shortener. All from MangoLinks Dashboard.
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Create your perfect bio profile in minutes. Generate a QR Code for all your needs. Shorten Long Links. Everything from a single dashboard. No need to sign up on multiple websites.

We provide Easy to Understand, yet Detailed and Comprehensive Analytics for all your Links.
Create and Manage links more effectively

Perfect for Sales & Marketing

Provides a suite of features that can help in branding, analytics, optimization, and user experience.

Track and Analyze Links Statistics
Smart Redirection Tool
Beautiful Biolink Profiles
Powerful Dashboard
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Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your business and experience unprecedented growth.

Link in Bio

Gateway to all latest content and updates.

QR Codes

Generates QR Codes for multiple options.

Link Shortener

Simplify URLs for easy sharing and tracking.

V Cards & File Links

Share contact details and files with just a link.

Built-in Analytics

Understand your audience with data-driven insights.

Custom Domain

Elevate your brand with personalized branded links.

More About MangoLinks

Know more about MangoLinks and it's utility

Streamlining Digital Marketing efforts and enhance user engagement across various online and offline channels.

A “link in bio” is a feature often used in social media, particularly on platforms like Instagram. Single link contains multiple social media profile links.

Generating a QR code is a straightforward process and can be done using MangoLinks dashboard.

Using a link shortening service is a simple and effective way to create concise, user-friendly links for sharing. You can create short link from any long url in MangoLinks dashboard.

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